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Even though the region is situated at relatively high altitude, this garden tradition has been able to establish itself – alongside the dairy industry, cattle industry and agriculture.The gardens have always played an important role to the farmhouses, as a typical household would have comprised a large family of farmhands, maids, milkers and carters.

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Tip: At Kambly SA, you can watch the Maîtres Confiseurs at work and sample all the delicious treats for free on the Kambly Adventure Tour. Kambly I bought the flour for his Kambly biscuits from the Trubschachen village mill.

This agreement was sealed with a handshake, and is still in place to this day.

Incidentally, the term “Hornussen” refers to the horn-like noise which the Nouss makes when it comes within hearing distance within the Ries.

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Here he served as pastor, and his wife bore him three children.

In 1831, men of the cloth were banned from political involvement – Gotthelf’s political activities came to an abrupt end.Even during the war years, he stuck to his iron principles concerning quality – and ever since, Kambly quality has become almost a figure of speech.Oscar Kambly’s vision was to share with the rest of Switzerland the best that Emmental had to offer – thus, for example, he launched the “Caramels à la Crème d’Emmental” in 1924.Thus it is said that fierce brawls would erupt between the two teams.The first documented evidence of a Hornussen match took place in Trub in 1655.Within the sphere of influence of French horticulture, it was only the farmers of Emmental who had sufficient means to engage with contemporary garden design.

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