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After the worst week of his professional career -- a week in which his starts streak was snapped -- Manning will return as the team's starter, much to the delight of the fan base. Goodson had a career-high 18 tackles in the last meeting, most by any NFL player in 2017.

Before he was benched, Manning had struggled to complete more than 55 percent of his pass attempts in his last two games. WR Sterling Shepard has 14 receptions for 198 yards in his past two games. Rookie TE Evan Engram has five TDs in his past seven games. S Landon Collins has 35 tackles, an interception and a fumble recovery in his past three games. PREDICTION: The Cowboys should own time of possession in this one, with Morris keeping the pressure off Prescott.

Morris has rushed for 50 or more yards in three of his last four games.

TV: FOX, Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis, Pam Oliver (field reporter). The Cowboys will try to force the run with Alfred Morris and get timely first downs from quarterback Dak Prescott.

It's this human involvement and sense of accomplishment, encapsulating: adventure, excitement and romance that creates a portal into the golden years of aviation, that sparks an interest to collect aviation wings.

Aviator wings are symbolic of a specific job performed by an individual; the style of wing indicating which job.

That someone could be the Cowboys, who have given up 234.8 passing yards per game.

Manning sounds like a man who is on a mission to make someone pay for what happened last week.

The word hallmark and maker mark have the same meaning.

This page has sub-web pages with examples of wings from my collection.

The US Army Airforce (USAAF or AAF) during the Second World War required wings to be produced for several standard aircrew functions: pilot, engineer, air gunner, navigator, bombardier and observer.


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