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The archaeological remains of this village have revealed grape seeds from 2,700 years ago and commercial letters written on sheets of lead with orders for wine.

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Costa Brava is currently one of the most important regions in the world for the production of corks.

One of the most original wine tourism activities is to see cork being collected.

The Romans also inhabited these lands and extended the Empordà wine trade throughout Europe, just as the emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus (232-282 AD) ordered when he said: “May the citizens plant vines and become rich.” Vine growing has always been synonymous with prosperity, culture and wealth.

The Greeks and Romans left an indelible mark but their age came to an end.However, wine is not the Empordà’s only attraction.It is a dream land, a refuge for Catalans seeking inspiration.This activity only takes place in June and July and is available at certain wineries. After the crisis, the peasant farmers were hard-pressed for money and had to join forces.This was the origin of the local wine and olive oil cooperatives, some of which are still in operation today and open to public, such as the Celler Cooperatiu d’Espolla (1931), Empordàlia (1947) and Cooperativa Agrícola de Garriguella (1963).Charming restaurants and hotels were built to attract visitors.


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