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The surgery was raked over by Lee and his comedy partner Hamish Blake on their afternoon show. My dad had a heart attack and we talked about that on air. It's been in my family for a long time - just get through with a few laughs. I saw that your favourite place to eat was a fairly cheap restaurant. I thought it was a waste of money - jeans for 0? As far as the money is concerned, I save every dollar. I don't really find making jokes about anyone's disability very funny.

It's the real things in life that make good comedy. There are many things that I keep to myself and special for my partner - and there are things that I haven't, and gotten in trouble for. The topic was - Megan and I were at the stage of a relationship where saying "bye" at the end of the conversation wasn't really cutting it but I couldn't say "I love you" yet because we hadn't got to that point. I learnt my lesson very quickly - don't do that ever again. God forbid that Megan would break up with you, but would that be mined for comedy on your show? Were you nicer to your mum after dealing with those kind of issues? I was in year 10 when she forgot how to talk, walk, who we all were, and that happened for months. And then one day she snapped out of it and learnt to walk again.

Lee and Blake talk about their families, their relationships and their operations as they encourage listeners to reciprocate. Someone rang up and said, "You should say 'loke' because it's between love and like". Look, I'm sure most people would think finally she got her eyes checked. Mum was like the tenth case in a decade and, I think, the first to survive in Melbourne.

They also announced the birth of baby boy, Sonny, via Instagram.

We have just finished talking about the demands of discussing life on the radio when Andy Lee bumps into the doctor who performed his recent penis operation. I introduced her to a lot of my friends to get approval. You are a star, dating a supermodel, earning lots of money. Lee's eyes widen and he leans forward as he tells me about a scientific study concerning ant farts - "the microphones were so sensitive and, like, that requires a lot of work". My life is exactly the same as it was before all this.

Since it was unceremoniously cancelled, Mortal has become a subject of intense interest for fans who want to know what form this alternate Justice League would have taken.

Thankfully, we’ve learned quite a bit about it in recent years and now, Hammer’s revealed some interesting new details on the pic while appearing on a recent episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

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While this November’s Justice League marked the first time that the Jla were united on the big screen, if things had gone differently, we could have had this movie a whole ten years ago.

Directed by Mad Max‘s George Miller, Justice League Mortal would have starred the likes of Armie Hammer (Batman), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman), D. Cotrona (Superman), Adam Brody (Flash) and Common (Green Lantern).

Since 2003, he has worked with Andy Lee as part of the comedy duo Hamish and Andy.

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