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u Promise is a free program run by Sallie Mae that allows you to scan a membership card at participating retailers, or enter a membership number online -- and a percentage of your purchase earns you cash back that can then be used to pay down student loans.

If you do not have any student loans, the money can be placed in a tax-deferred savings account and later applied towards a college prepaid plan.

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The real question is this: "Am I willing to go into debt for this education?

" Once your studies are over, how do you plan to repay the student loan?

The following steps will help you determine how much you need and what it will be used for: Tuition, books, activities fees, additional fees, required technology and supplies specific classes and areas of study.

If you are a distance learner, additional technology services may be needed.

These amounts vary by a number of factors and are determined by the institution's financial aid office.

The following factors are generally considered in determining the financial aid need: These amounts help the school determine not only the amount needed, but if you qualify for need-based loans. Private (and other) loans are handled through various loan servicers.

If you are in school halftime or full time, especially if you're not working, you will still need living expenses.

Be sure to factor in housing, food, transportation and other necessary costs.

Read the guidelines or try to solve the problem first.

Many scholarships are created through foundations, religious and nonprofit organizations, community groups, local business and civic groups.

Step four: Contact the schools financial aid office and confirm that they received the application.

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