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But in Freedom of Information responses to the Press Association, 38 forces revealed there were missing registered sex offenders in their areas in February or early March.

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Every force to respond to the Press Association refused to name those missing over concerns of vigilante attacks or because the information was exempt under data protection laws.

The Metropolitan Police, the UK's largest force, said 167 registered sex offenders were wanted in London alone, including one offender who had been missing for 14 years.

In that case, the girl passed out in Malik’s bed after he had given her a large amount of cocaine and awoke to find Malik sexually assaulting her.

“To say your behaviour is despicable is an understatement,” Justice James Sloan told Malik during Friday’s sentencing.

“It was when the child was taken away from him that he eventually spiralled back into a life of drugs.” Malik was on probation as of March 2012, when – while living on Courtland Avenue – he met a then-16-year-old Cambridge girl who was friends with his roommate.

The girl stayed at the residence for several days, during which time Malik shared crystal meth with her.

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New figures out this morning have revealed there's ten registered sex offenders who've gone missing in Cambridgeshire.

When the girl got up to leave, Malik grabbed her, threw her onto his bed and sexually assaulted her.

Eventually Malik’s phone rang, and when he answered it, the girl escaped and returned to her home.

Five months later, a teenage girl who knew the first victim told her that she had been sexually assaulted by Malik in a similar fashion, two weeks before her 16th birthday.


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